Pre-pare Your Home for Spring

Every year at exactly this time ‘Spring Fever’ hits the real estate market as owners all over Australia shout “enough!” and put their homes up for sale

How can you make the sale of your home easier? Start now !


Tidy the House:

  • Clear out all of the clutter and remove items from sight you don’t regular use. Especially furniture, this will help highlight the size of the room and make smaller rooms look bigger.
  • Cleared all the junk stored at the side or the back of the house.
  • Donate or sell items you haven’t used in the past 12 months
  • Throw out broken or damaged items
  • Clear out as much as possible less is more and allows potential buyers to see the potential of the property clearly
  • Possibly consider temporary storage for all unnecessary items such as furniture, seasonal décor, out of season clothing, archived paper work and all items you don’t use or haven’t used lately.


Clean! Clean! Clean!:

  • Wash curtains and blinds or at least dust and spot clean.
  • Clean the windows inside and out, helps the light beam through and sparkle which will help highlight your home. Presenting the lifestyle most buyers are looking for.
  • Dust the house, under, over and above all surfaces and items
  • Have carpets steam cleaned
  • Wipe down cupboard fronts
  • Clean fireplaces
  • Spot clean marks on the walls and floors with sugar soap
  • Steam clean the carpets
  • Clean out the gutters


Have You Finished Repairs:

  • Take a walk around the house and test everything? Any light bulbs need replacing?
  • Hinges tightened?
  • Leaking taps?
  • Toilet flushing properly?
  • Curtains work?
  • Windows open?
  • All doors close properly?
  • Locks work?
  • Any holes in the walls?
  • Do tiles need replacing?
  • Do the walls need a coat of paint?
  • Does the timber need staining?

What about the Garden?:

  • Spray and remove weeds
  • Rake up dead leaves
  • Fertilise any lawn and garden beds
  • Mow the lawn, cut the edges
  • Fill in any holes with dirt
  • Clean up animal mess
  • Prune back tree, bushes and plants – be careful not to remove new buds
  • Remove any dead trees, bushes or plants
  • Keep the garden well-watered and fed so its flourishing for your open houses
  • Lay mulch, straw or bark to provide texture and added colour throughout your garden and keep the moisture in. Also help hide those unkempt patches.


How to Style?:

  • Consider having your house professionally styled ! ask us about local stylist in the area.
  • Refer to magazines and design websites for inspiration and ideas
  • Ask a stylist or real estate agent to come around have a look and give your ideas to make the most of your homes features and help it appeal to the current market.
  • Do you want others to see your personal items? Such as family photos? Then remove them
  • Remove worn carpet or rugs
  • Straighten wall hangings
  • Old room that needs something to make it pop? Consider small items e.g. in the bathroom; nice towels, new soap holder, indoor plant etc.


Want to go that bit further and pay small attention to detail, than consider the smaller details:

  • Wipe over appliances (e.g. toaster, kettle, fridge)
  • Take all letter and magnets off the fridge
  • Straighten your clothes and pile them neatly in closet
  • Take all items out of the shower and bath tub
  • Straighten and organise all items in cupboards
  • Take washing off the line
  • Get a nice candle or diffuser to leave a nice homey smell throughout your home
  • Bring inside outside and put some flowers on the kitchen bench or dining table.


Unsure? Why not get a second opinion? Ask a friend to come around and have a look and be picky! I’m sure they’d love the chance the be a judge like on ‘the block’ or ‘my house rules’.

Want a professional opinion ask your real-estate agent to come and have a look and offer friendly advice on the local market, what’s appealing and what else you to can to help and maximise the sale of you home !


Happy Spring Cleaning !



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